Director of Community Relations

Karrah Kelly


Karrah is our Director of Community Relations. Karrah is 100% Native American from the Ojibway Tribe in a secluded northern reservation in Canada.  Growing up as a child of addiction (as well as being exposed to the corresponding multi-generational trauma), Karrah always knew that eventually she wanted to enter the world of recovery and set as her primary goal to use her business and interpersonal skills to achieve her dream to help addicted families.

Karrah is responsible for, among other things, creating and strengthening relationships with potential referrers and clients, representing Paragon and our programs to the community at large, and creating and delivering marketing ideas and activities that are consistent with Paragon’s mission and vision. Karrah is passionate about the well-being and health of her community and has always been active in raising awareness for high-risk communities (and for persons of all ages).  Karrah has volunteered her time with different organizations planning and managing fundraising events and working side-by-side with business development managers to promote awareness and ensure quality of care in all affected communities.  

Karrah attended Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Entertainment Sport Promotion Management.  While in college, Karrah spent a majority of her time developing marketing and public relations campaigns for various organizations.  Upon graduation, Karrah worked with several non-profit companies that provide health and wellness services, where she oversaw all outreach, special events, and public relations matters.  Karrah eventually realized she wanted to advance and develop her career in a way that would help people mentally, emotionally, and physically.