Our Extended Paragon Family


Our connection to and concern for our patients does not end when our patients move on from Paragon. The Paragon alumni program is a crucial step after treatment to help our patients receive the support necessary to succeed and thrive at the next step of recovery and beyond. It is well-established that being part of a community of people in recovery makes it easier to remain sober. Our alumni program establishes a strong support network, offering opportunities for encouragement, camaraderie and a structure to help our alumni maintain a positive attitude and sober way of life.


As a member of the Paragon family, our alumni know they will never be alone. Spending time with others who have “been there – done that” is a crucial part of addiction recovery. We believe that it is important that those who are in recovery have an opportunity to spend time with positive role models, so they can understand and realize that the goal of sustained sobriety is realistic, and that they can achieve it. 

Our Alumni Coordinator keeps in active contact with our extended Paragon family. We arrange fun and engaging events and outings where alumni can connect and reconnect, while celebrating their successes and their sobriety. We also regularly invite our alumni back to Paragon to speak with our current clients, who find these success stories both inspirational and instructive.

At the end of the day, our alumni know that we are always here to help and that no member of our Paragon family will ever have to face their struggles alone. 

We are always here for our Paragon extended family if:

· You or a loved one is struggling with sobriety and need to immediately speak with one of our counselors

· You would like to speak to our Alumni Coordinator regarding upcoming events and other opportunities available to you