Director of Nursing

Alejandro Jimenez


Alejandro is a Registered Nurse who works with people suffering from the disease of addiction and other mental/behavioral disorders to help to get them on the road to recovery. Alejandro’s role as a nurse has taken him beyond the physical concerns of the person and he strongly believes that no two cases are alike, and he knows from experience that when clients feel heard and understood, the individualized, supportive, and dignified care we provide will result in the most rewarding outcomes. As Alejandro often says - “Seeing the sparkle come back into a person’s eyes is truly inspiring, motivating and rewarding.”

Alejandro’s achievements span across the addiction field and into other industries. Prior to becoming a nurse, he previously worked in the fashion and textiles industries, film and video production and the retail industry. Alejandro was drawn to the psychiatric and substance abuse field early on in his studies and transitioned into medicine and became a Registered Nurse in 2008. 

As a Director of Nursing, Alejandro brings an abundance of supervisory and managerial experience to Paragon which in the past has allowed him to lead, supervise and train a varying and passionate group of medical personnel including nurses, managers, and nursing medical assistants. Alejandro is a member of the Florida Nurses Association and has a degree in Business Administration and a degree in Nursing.